Words of Comfort & of Promise

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom should I fear? The Lord is my life’s refuge; of whom should I be afraid?      – Psalm 27:1

What do you do for your child when they’re experiencing fear?

I imagine you console, hug, snuggle, share a personal story, reassure them – all the things that express love, comfort, and a safe place.

As adults, we lose the ability to give this to ourselves.  Is it any wonder, then, the fears we had as children follow us into adulthood?  Just as it is important to give ourselves the time and space to be afraid, to move past it, we must look to the Lord, and give all our worries to Him.

Just as it is important to give ourselves the time and space to be afraid, it’s even more important to move past it.  One approach is to look to the Lord and give all our worries to Him.

I’m reminded of the quote that goes along the lines: “Worrying is a prayer you never asked for.”

It is when we lose touch with our protection that we experience fear.

Looking around, reading the newspaper, watching the news…there’s a lot of fear out there.

The only space we have some control over is the immediate space around us – our head space, body space, and our homes.

Fill those spaces with more light, mercy, and hope and there’s little room for fear.

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