Where I’ve been…

Hello and good morning.  I figured today was as good as any day to finally get back to this little blog of mine.

This website has been on the back-burner all summer and for good reason.  For the first summer in a long time, I truly enjoyed and savored every day of it….every chance I got.

Much has changed since my first initial three posts – in a good way.

Opportunities for personal growth, learning new skills and finances came my way and I’ve said “yes” to all of them.

In a nutshell, the experiences I’ve had this summer have been a series of lessons.  And needless to say, it’s resulted in me having ideas for future content on this site.

Life itself is full of daily lessons – if we choose to see and be open to them.

Have I had all wonderful days this summer?  No.  But the one change I’ve noticed in myself is that when I get down in the dumps or upset, I don’t stay in that place nearly as long as I used to.

When I feel myself slipping into a “pity party” or feel the tension building in my body, I know the only way out of that quickly is to either move my body with exercise, dance or cleaning or I need to re-frame my state of mind with either writing, reading or music.

Granted, there will be times where things happen that are just out of your control.  And life is not meant to be controlled anyway;  it is meant to be lived and experienced – the good and the bad.  That is ultimately how we grow – by experiencing both pain and joy, isn’t it?

One of my favorite “quotes” comes from a fortune cookie message I received just prior to my military deployment.  It read:  “Nothing is ever learned from an easy life.”  Isn’t that the truth?  I taped it to my foot-locker and it’s still there, to this day.

We can’t grow where there isn’t pain, just as we can’t grow where there isn’t joy.

I’ll leave you with these thoughts today.  Embrace the good and the not-so-good that may come your way today.  What lessons can be learned?  And from a deeper perspective (because I like going deep), how much of what we experience is simply created by our own minds – our thoughts, what we tell ourselves?

I’m reading a fascinating book right now that covers just this very topic.  I can’t wait to share my insights on it once I’m finished.

Until then, be mindful of your thoughts – how they affect your body in posture, temperature, movement, etc…  And if you start experiencing a negative mind/body reaction, do something that instant to shift it.  Break out in a song that you love, have your own personal dance party, scream, do 20 jumping jacks….anything that creates an immediate shift.   It may take longer at first to feel a change (because it will feel awkward and new), but I can tell you from personal experience, the more you work your mindset muscle, the stronger it will get over time.  Guaranteed.

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Hi there! I'm Victoria: wife & mother of three with one pooch living in rural ND. I am a professional photographer turned writer, published author, and side-hustle entrepreneur. I dream of vacationing in Fiji and seeing Matchbox Twenty live (among other things). I firmly believe everything is "figureoutable," and if it doesn't challenge you - it doesn't change you. I also looooooooove coffee. A lot. :D

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