When in Doubt, Lead with Heart

When in doubt, lead with heart.



lead with heart

Communication breakdown is a part of life. Communication between our head and our heart can break down. Relationships can suffer due to a breakdown in communication. Perhaps the most important one, I’ve found, is the one within ourselves – and, what I’ve been enlightened to this week is, when in doubt – lead with heart.

My desktop computer died this week. There is no recovery. It’s going to hit a graveyard somewhere. Which, begs the question: how does one dispose of a computer in an environmentally respectful way, anyway?

Anyhoo, getting back to what I mentioned previously about the communication within ourselves – there is no story more important than the one we tell ourselves. Let’s dive into this more deeply.

Back in 2014, I experienced, what I called (up until now), a mid-life crisis. Author Brene Brown in, The Gifts of Imperfection, describes a mid-life crisis as a mid-life unraveling. Perfect, I’m going with that, I thought. I love that description so much more. I highly recommend this book as well.

Back then, my mind was resisting what my heart was telling me. It felt like a tug-of-war within my body. And so it was – an unraveling. Gosh, I love that. Do you feel like this way right now? If so, I say – me, too.

Yes, me, too – I’ve felt it as of late yet again. When we persistently resist – you reap what you sew. In this previous post, I mentioned how an experience I had opened up an old wound. I’ve been working through my funk ever since, which has only brought up more funky junk.

It happens, sometimes. If we’ve worked through some hard junk and we get lax on making “working through our junk” a daily practice, eventually, all the shit boils up again. And so it has, and here I am again digging deep within. However, something is different this time. I have felt a more significant shift in consciousness. The universe has suddenly brought someone unexpected into my life, and friendship has blossomed into something neither she or I can describe or explain. We’re on the same wavelength on so many levels. We’re holding each other accountable for our highest ambitions. I’ve been flooded with creativity lately, too. Soooo many good things – juicy, juicy stuff as result of clearing away the junk.

I’m making my way back to the basics – following my heart, allowing ideas to percolate, and remaining open to whatever comes. It’s so easy to let distractions and outside influences shift or perception and mindset. That said, some changes will happen with the newsletter for this site, as with my other site’s newsletter. Back when I had my photography business, I sent lovely, regular newsletters. I and entrepreneurs, in general, are inundated with all sorts of outside influence due to Instagram, Facebook and the like. It’s harder to keep our heads down and stay in our lane nowadays. It’s as if evil gremlins (not Gizmo, though, cuz he was too adorable) stole my “know better” and ran off with it. So, I’m getting my “know better” back.

Starting on Tuesday, April 24th, you can expect some changes to the newsletter. It will include news, helpful articles, books I’m reading, quotes, etc….fun stuff; good stuff I already love sharing with people I know! Cool, huh? About time, right? Seriously, where was my “know better” all this time? Well, good thing I’ve found it again.

I’m sharing here for accountability. Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 3 pm, you can expect something from me in your inbox – that is, if you choose to allow me permission to share with you about all things personal growth and life. I would be so grateful if you would. You can unsubscribe at any time – no harm, no foul. If you choose to sign up now, I’ll merely slide your info over to the new list. The blog post opt-in will then be a thing of the past.

If you consider yourself a creative, love creativity, or want to ignite more of it within yourself, head over to my sister-site, The Unleashed Creative and sign up for that newsletter there. Changes will be happening over there simultaneously as well. I’ve got some work to do and some ideas percolating, but nothing excites me more than being helpful and being of service. Woo – juicy stuff is coming your way!

When in doubt, lead with heart. That feels good, doesn’t it?

written with love by victoria




P.S. Fun Factoid: Today, the director of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest died. I did a paper on this book back in high school and had mentioned it to a friend, coincidentally, yesterday. Today, my mom and I were talking, and she told me about the director’s death. She then added that her brother’s car was used in the film. He lived in Salem, Oregon at the time, where the movie was filmed. Cool, huh? A pretty cool coinkydink for me. 😉

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