What’s Your Soul Song?

what your soul needs to say

If your soul was a song, what would it be?

This song would be mine. Hearing by Sleeping at Last

This song makes me feel. It takes me to my past and causes me to feel comfort and light at the same time. There are many songs by Sleeping at Last I relate to. However, when I think about my soul’s song, I don’t envision there being any words.

How about you? What would the music of your heart and soul be? What would I hear if you were walking down the street?

Can you imagine it? A busy city, everyone hustling to their next destination, and the air is full of song. All kinds of soul music – sounds amazing.

Let me know your soul’s song in the comments below. 😉

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Hi there! I'm Victoria: wife & mother of three with one pooch living in rural ND. I am a professional photographer turned writer, published author, and side-hustle entrepreneur. I dream of vacationing in Fiji and seeing Matchbox Twenty live (among other things). I firmly believe everything is "figureoutable," and if it doesn't challenge you - it doesn't change you. I also looooooooove coffee. A lot. :D

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