When the Universe speaks in Chicken, Listen.

This has been a week where I think the universe couldn’t have hit me on the head hard enough.  Today’s post is a perfect example of how, every single day, we are given signs…of all kinds and how being open to receiving can help guide your life.

Before personal awareness and self-growth became a part of my life, I was not nearly as open-minded as I am now.  I mean, I believe I was, but not in the sense of being open to “listening” to what the universe/higher power (or whatever you want to call it) was telling me.  More so, I was open-minded in an idea sense – processes, ways of thinking, logic, etc….not in a spiritual sense.

What happens when you slow down your mind, develop a little faith –  answers come to you so much more easily.  And the more in-tune you are to the world around you (including the workings of your internal world), the more frequent these “ah-ha” moments occur.  At least, that’s been my experience.

This week became “life busy” and therefore, items on my joy list (which, I highly suggest creating) were not made a priority (i.e. guitar practice, journaling – which is when I also read my “Living Faith” book, yoga, writing for this blog).  I did continue with my normal exercise routine though.  Although I feel I accomplished something this week that serves my well-being, my joy list was neglected.

What typical exercise doesn’t give me is exactly what is on my joy list – moments of reflection, time to slow my mind, focus of creating, and joy in the process.  I must enjoy something about exercise in order to continue doing it;  likely the feeling I get afterwards, a physical release of tension.  In the moment of doing sit-up’s though, I’m cursing.  lol!

It’s the “in-the-moment” soul-serving joy that I didn’t make time for earlier this week and what I realized is necessary for my well-being.  The universe had a funny way to tell me that I better get to that soul-serving joy list.

The night before last I had a dream my husband and I were at the neighbor’s house and they were butchering chickens.  Side note – I despise the smell of butchering chickens but in my dream I didn’t mind it.  Maybe because in my dream, I was shaving their cat.  lol!

Anyway, the next day (yesterday) I saw chickens on TV, I read chicken on TV [side note:  commercial with the Holstein cow as a little girl’s friend in her bedroom leaving messages for mom to eat more chicken is pretty cute], read about chicken in email, and even saw chick’s hatching on Instagram.  Seriously, it does not get more chicken in one day than that.  Yesterday, “chicken” was my clear sign.

So this morning I got to thinking….all this chicken stuff must mean something.  The universe is clearly trying to tell me something.  So I looked up “chicken symbolism” and this is what I found:

Continuous effort is the key to unlocking your potential.  It takes desire and passion to continue to move forward to your goals.

Spooky, right?  Especially, since this very week I finally decided to let go of the past in order to truly move forward by listing and selling my photography gear and by setting up my FB page for deletion.  This week I’ve also neglected to write – journal or otherwise, did not read my “Living Faith,” have mentioned my book ambitions to a complete stranger, and have let thoughts of doubt/fear creep in when I even think about my book goals.  True story.

Then I read this today (because I’m playing catch-up in my “Living Faith:”

Doubt is another barrier that keeps us from closeness to God.  Saying we place our trust in Him, we give Him our needs one minute, and the very next we take them back and begin to meddle again.  Can we truly let go and let God, praying in expectant hope?  Today, leap over the barriers and draw near to him.  He is waiting for you.    – Jennifer Christ

And this:

“God willing.”  I seldom hear people saying that today.  It is an expression of faith, acknowledging that we don’t have total control of our lives, we don’t know what the future will hold.  We certainly need to make plans, yet we know they may not become reality.  – Fr. James McKarns

This week has been an “ah-ha” week of reflection.  I wanted to share my personal experience in order for you to see that, in your life, you too are likely receiving messages/signs in ways you may not even realize.

I heard you, universe, loud and clear.  I shall keep pushing forward, writing for this blog, even if only one person reads it.  I will keep my book goal on my heart and mind ;  trusting that this blog is somehow a part of the process – which, I truly have faith it is.  I will maintain faith, that whatever the future may hold, is part of God’s greater plan for me.  I just need to remain open to receiving, continue to pray for wisdom rather than results, and use my freedom of will for a greater good.

This week has been about a revelation of moving forward, a crossing of paths (which I will likely blog about in the future), and spiritual openness….and of course, chicken.

The lesson:  when the universe speaks in chicken – listen.

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