The Most Important Garden

The Most Important Gardenforgive yourself

The garden that matters most isn’t in your yard; it’s you. And July, for me, has taught me some lessons to prove this point. So many things impact the health of an actual garden, just as is the case with us as humans. Let me explain.

Several unexpected and unplanned events took place in July that made me realize I don’t deal with stress as effectively as I thought. I’m great with intense moments of pressure, but what I struggle with most is unexpected events that take place that derail what had been a routine or schedule of sorts.

I’ve always been the type that thrives on variety, remains open to change, and is spontaneous. However, when there are life situations that derail my progress, the progress train entirely comes off the track, whether it be a streak in meditation, working out, or writing.

Ever experience this? Things are going amazingly well; you’re ticking off that to-do like a boss, feeling amazing about everything you’re accomplishing and then WHAM!! Curveballs come-a-flyin’. Just like that, all the effort, hard work, and progress becomes a distant memory – forever flushed down the toilet.

Or is it?

No, it isn’t. And the world still goes on. Nothing blows up. The sun rises to meet us for a new day, and we are given the opportunity to – START AGAIN.

We have an opportunity to stand up, dust ourselves on, acknowledge the suck, and then re-commit ourselves to getting back on track.

So, maybe for you, it’s not moving a parent, your spouse needing unexpected surgery, your father-in-law needing unexpected surgery a week later, or a dog needing a cone of shame – all within three weeks time. Perhaps, it’s so much more and far worse.

cone of shame
Gizmo and his cone of shame after the vet visit.

Whatever situations arise for you, life happens and so do curveballs. And sometimes, forgiving ourselves of what we cannot do so we can serve and help those we most care about (including our very own well-being) is the greatest thing we can do for those around us and ourselves.

Did I get my mileage ran the past two weeks for my half-marathon training program (Maah Daah Hey Trail Run is THIS SATURDAY! WOO!)? No, I didn’t.

Did I get my newsletters out last week? No. But honestly, I was a week off. I honestly was thinking they were to go out tomorrow (Tuesday the 24th). My memory has not been my greatest asset this month. Ha!

Did I meditate a single time in July? No. :/

Did I journal even once in July? No. :/

Did I read my daily Living Faith? No. Not a once. Seriously, this takes a minute to do.

Did I blog at all? No. But I have jotted down several ideas over the past few weeks.

Did I read a book? Yes. Finally, something to say “yes” to and not “no!” I finished a book while on vacation over the weekend. Which, most of the vacation week was spent working on yard/home projects or spending time in the hospital, we were able to get away on a pre-planned trip with other family members.

There’s been plenty of things I’ve not gotten done or accomplished that I’ve been beating myself up for but it stops now, and it ends today.

Rest nourishes the body. Had I been going, going, going – pushing to get it all done, I would’ve worked myself into the ground. Last week, during my vacation week, I had a massage and went to the chiropractor. Boy, did I ever need both! Taking the time to do things like this helps our bodies heal. I knew I needed it and actually, my back had been spasming so much, the adjustment wasn’t as easy as I expected, even right after the 90-minute massage. So, I will be going to the chiropractor again this week before the run this weekend.

I encourage you to take the time to give your body what it needs to heal and rejuvenate itself. And give your heart and spirit what it needs to heal itself as well.

Think of your mind, body, and spirit like a garden. You have to prune (it’s okay to say no, sometimes), weed (get rid of bad habits, behaviors, thoughts, or even people), re-pot (give more space), provide just the right amount of sun (make time for things that bring you joy), and of course, you have to water and perhaps, fertilize (give your body the right nourishment, endorphins, and vitamins it needs), or everything shrivels and dies.

What a perfect analogy, isn’t it?

Take care of your inner garden. Unlike the seasons, where we anticipate having a summer garden year after year, the garden that matters isn’t a guarantee next season.

written with love by victoria




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