The Art of Conversation


art of conversation

The art of real conversations is not only to say the right thing in the right place

but to leave unsaid

the wrong thing at the tempting moment.  – Dorothy Nevill

Sometimes, it’s best just to listen and shut your mouth. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, right? Lol!

I’ve had those moments…you know, the kind where you open your mouth and insert your foot. I’m confident you have, too – if even just once.

That last line, though, right? It can be tempting at times, and you nearly bite your tongue off. I know what my weakness is in conversation. I fully admit I tend to correct people, especially my children and usually with their grammar. What I have to do is stop and make it a game and ask them “do you think it should be X or Y?” It’s more likely to stick anyway if I make them think about it on their own.

Listening to reply vs. Listening to respond

What are your tendencies in conversation? Do you cut people off mid-sentence? Did you know this is an indication you are listening to reply as opposed to listening to respond?

Communication is a part of our everyday lives, work relations, our parent-child relationships, and in our marriage/commitments. We can make or break that connection with our words – in an instant. Our words can be weapons of emotional destruction.

To be an effective communicator, we must choose our words wisely and thoughtfully.

The next time you’re in an awkward conversation, take three seconds to compose your thoughts in your mind before speaking – thoughtfully, as hard as it may be. And see how the conversation moves forward after that. A little re-framing of words can go a long way.

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