TGH Book

The Guided Heart: Moving Through Grief and Finding Spiritual SolaceIn this short, self-help grief book, I share my journey with grief and struggle with spirituality. Inside, you will learn ways to move through grief more positively, navigate the spiritual path while experiencing grief, and finally, discover ways to sustain a positive outlook beyond grief.

I invite you to be inspired and find hope; knowing, you’re never alone in your grief and desire for inner peace. If you’re struggling right now, or know someone who is, gift this to yourself or someone you care about.

Available in paperback and Kindle HERE and elsewhere online HERE.


About the author: An entrepreneur at heart, Victoria has been blogging and writing since 2009.

Her passion for writing started with a journal and poetry as an adolescent. Today, she brings life experience with grief, military service, marriage, parenthood, and entrepreneurship into her writings.

Victoria is a passionate personal growth, grief, and spirituality writer, with writing having been featured Her other passion is helping creative entrepreneurs get clear and brainstorm solutions through her consulting business.

Victoria resides in rural ND with her husband, three children, and a Havanese named Gizmo. If you want more inspiration and resources from Victoria, sign up for her mailing list at or You can also follow her on IG: @victorialvolk or @theunleashedcreative.