Tony Robbins  – I started creating the most change in my life with his program, “The Ultimate Edge.”  Also included was “The Power Within” and I recently have been going through “The Time of Your Life.”

Tony was the first person who made me look at the situation and things in my life differently. In every facet of life, from business to marriage – he has a way with words that force you to do away with the excuses.  I think he’s brilliant in his message,not to mention, the engaging way he delivers it.

He’s also a guy who practices what he preaches.  I feel he’s the real deal;  a guy living his own life with passion and doing what he can to empower others to do the same.  It’s on my bucket list to one day meet him, for sure.

Linda Chaousis – I came across Linda via another blogger I’ve been following quite some time.  At the time, Linda, had an online program called “Dream to Reality.”  Upon recommendation of the blogger, I decided to take the program.  I would recommend it;  however, I see she is currently in the middle of updating her website/products, so unsure if this will still be available.  Regardless, follow her blog if you are interested in learning more on how to manifesting a life you desire.  She shares a lot of her perspective on mindset and how thoughts creating things.  Besides that, I think she’s a great person with a desire to help others live their best lives.

Louise Hay –  I could listen to this woman’s voice all day long.  I could also listen to her message on loving thyself on a daily basis.  If you sign up for her newsletter, you will receive an audio on loving yourself that I found very powerful.

I love her message.  And if you read her book (available via the Kindle app on your apple device, by the way), “You Can Heal Your Life,” her personal story makes her message even more powerful.

Self-love:  a simple thing that if each and every person had for themselves, it would transform the world. Unfortunately, Louise Hay has since passed. I have no doubt, however, her legacy will live on.

Angela Goodeve – My personal life coach;  because sometimes you just need an ear that doesn’t know you from “Adam” and has a way to get you to look at things differently, to get you to ask better questions, and to bring things into perspective.  Angela has been that person for me.  And the way our coach-client relationship started is not a coincidence.  It took 7 months from the time of my email for us to even chat and it was perfect timing in my life, and maybe for hers as well.  She’s also the one who holds me accountable to do the “hard” things – to make those difficult decisions and to just make things happen, despite how afraid or anxious I may be.


This book is quite extensive;  however, I have to say it will get you to look at the financial world and your own personal assets in a whole new way.  There is homework, which is why it’s taking me longer to get through it;  a must-read for anyone who wants to take control of their own personal finances/retirement once and for all, rather than leave it to someone who claims to have your money in your best interest.  It’s an eye-opener and you will learn so much, but in a “dumbed-down” way, unlike the jargon used in the financial world that is meant to confuse us.

I purchased this book on my birthday, March 5th of 2013.  It’s one I will need to read again, as I have a new perspective on my future than I did in 2013.  It’s a highly motivating and inspiring book and a quick read too;  I have a lot of doggy-eared pages.



Everything starts with an idea;  this book is your kick in the pants.



I have the 2004 edition of this book.  I bought it earlier on in my business and as I was preparing the resources for this page, I realized I hadn’t gotten through it all.  So, it appears as though I will be picking this book up again myself.  I want to be totally transparent in stating I haven’t finished it but it is a book that has sold millions and is always listed as being recommended by other influential people in business.

I believe this book is for anyone though.  Just read the foreword of the book and you’ll see how it can have an impact on the heart of one with a desire to enhance their lives for the better.

I have had the following book for about two years.  I had heard of Danielle LaPorte through the blogging world and I really appreciated her soulful writing and once this book came out I knew I had to have it.  It offered a different spin on goal setting;  one that had less to do with to-do lists and more to do with need-for-the-soul lists.  It is a book I need to go through again, as mentioned earlier, my view of what I want my future to look like is much different now than it was two years ago.  That’s what I like about this book, it can grow with you.
Also, Danielle came out with a bigger & better version of the Desire Map planner .  I have been using the weekly planner and I love all the “soul prompts” and actually, I think someday when my children discover it, they will learn a lot about who their mom was from my entries.  Highly Recommend to help you feel gratitude, bring joy to your day, and stay on track of tasks at the same time.  Perfect for creative-entrepreneur-minded people or those just looking to add more self-reflection to their life.

conscious parent

This is a book every parent or to-be parent should read. If you want to raise confident, self-sufficient, self-trusting children – it has to start when they’re young. I feel more empowered as a parent having read this because I do feel as though I’ve learned something. It starts with you, the parent. I always thought that but this book gave good evidence as to why that is. Highly recommend!


daring greatlyI simply love this book. I love the work of Brene Brown as well. I have so many books to read on my shelf, a few more by her as well, but this was the first I decided to dive into. Ironically, the same quote by Theodore Roosevelt (from my great state of ND, in fact) referenced in the book is taped on my fridge.




Mind & Body

Tools for the Mind

Calm App – a robust meditating app that includes beautiful backdrop music/scenes, sleep stories, several-day meditation programs for certain topics such as anxiety, insomnia, or stress, etc.. I really enjoy using the progressive muscle relaxation program for sleep.

At-Home Fitness


If you think you can’t run, but have a desire to (as I did), then check out the app Couch to 5K if you have a smartphone!  Click HERE for a blog post with more information for the best running apps for beginners (circa 2015) and choose the right one for you.

I understand if you’re skeptical….I was too.  I was amazed though, that after just a few weeks, I was running a mile.  The app really helps build you up slowly with a circuit-type training, where you sprint and walk at certain intervals that increase in length over time.

The app I currently use is MapMyRun.  It’s a great way to stay on track with your pace and to also track other types of workouts too, including treadmill or interval runs.

Aaptiv  is my most recent discovery. It’s a jam-packed app where you can search for a workout by fitness level, time, type (elliptical, treadmill, strength training, even yoga, etc.), or trainer. It literally is a personal trainer in your ear, telling you when to kick it in the rear or cool down. There is background music that is current and upbeat and without the distraction of having to look at a screen!

Exercise Programs



I got this program several years ago and still use it from time-to-time.  It’s an awesome HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout and perfect for getting your sweat on when you don’t have a lot of time.  If you’re doing the BBG program, you could probably do this on HIIT days or just when you feel like a cardio challenge.


Jillian Michael’s

I cannot recommend Jillian’s Body Revolution enough!!  A friend loaned it to me in and I lost 4+ inches off my hips by the end of the three-month program (6 days/week for 12 weeks)!  It moves quickly and builds up your endurance and strength week by week.

I started this in late winter and by the time the nice weather came around, I was ready to start running as I felt my legs were ready.  On my first run, my legs weren’t fatigued as they were the spring prior when I first started running, without using this program.

I did find myself getting bored towards the end of the second week of each exercise (each workout is repeated for two weeks), so it was good timing when it was time to move on.  I really can’t recommend it enough – perfect pre-spring/summer running/bikini workout!  She also incorporates free-weights into the program too – which I love!

I’ve also completed Jillian’s Body Shred and I actually prefer this program to Body Revolution.  Since it’s only an 8-week program, it moves even more quickly than Body Shred and is more intense.  I wouldn’t start with this program unless you have been exercising a few months already.




Kayla Itsines – Bikini Body Guide (#BBG on IG)

What’s different about this program is there are only 2 circuits that are repeated twice (7 minutes each) and the exercises work you to muscle fatigue.  I didn’t feel that way with Jillian.

I would say this is more “old school” military-style type exercising, where your body supplies the majority of the resistance in the workout.  I’ve been using the app and it’s been great for me to also drink more water.  It also has a built-in daily menu with a shopping list.  I do have to say, there are quite a few simple recipes made for one that could be easily made for a family.  I haven’t been following the menu for this and never have with any program.  I’m sure doing so would speed up results even further.  I’m not generally a junk-food junkie but this would be a great benefit for someone who was looking to radically change their habits and just need some guidance.


Ab’Asanas with The Southern Yogi  This is an e-book that specifically targets developing core strength.  And, I can tell you, it’s a good burst core workout for sure!  You will feel this!  A strong core is essential to progressing a yoga practice – I actually haven’t been using this enough but know that it would benefit me just in my daily life.  A strong core is what supports your back.  Let your core go and you’re in for a hurt of back pain…eventually.

Let’s Start Yoga – Jessica Olie  I discovered this yogi, along with The Southern Yogi, on Instagram and decided to purchase Jessica’s e-book, along with Ab’Asanas, in order to give my mind & body what it needs:  flexibility, calm, and strength.  I have not quite gotten into this e-book yet.  Here’s why….

I discovered Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.  I decided to start with her videos and I have seen a great improvement in my flexibility and have even accomplished my first inversion and have improved my crow pose.  Granted, working out, in general, has been a benefit to better my overall strength but yoga gives me so much more and I hope to improve to the point where I crave going upside down! 😉

My Treadmill

nordictrack1750NordicTrack Commercial 1750

I LOVE this treadmill – even a year later!  I think that is the key ingredient to actually using one, honestly….ya simply gotta love using it.  It has several fans to keep me cool, auto-incline/decline on programs, iFit compatible (allows you to “run” anywhere or create your own online that will sync to your machine, built-in music mixes, workout tracking), and is semi-quiet.  I have nothing to compare that to but I can still hear the tv or, with the iPad holder, I can plug in an mp3 jack and built-in speakers, I can catch up on 20/20 or 48 Hours via the apps.  The sound has been a bit glitchy when using the mp3 jack and iPad but that could be due to my iPad because it works just fine with my phone.


Young Living Essential Oils

I did my own research among the many different essential oil companies and ultimately decided on Young Living.  Why?  Because I value a product seal of quality and guarantee.  I also appreciate the education and resources made available to members.

I’ve had a wonderful experience since starting using YL in April (2015).  I use these many different ways, for my kids, for our dog, my husband and myself.  There’s literally an oil for just about every ailment or issue one might have.  One oil may work for one person better than for another, so there may be some trial and error to find one best suited for your needs.  That’s the beauty of essential oils – there are often many uses for the same oil and there is a natural way to treat many of the common issues households face year-round;  from an abscessed tooth to zits – there’s an oil for it!

I’ve created many adult and kiddo roll-on’s, essentially replacing many over-the-counter meds, as well as facial astringent, facial serum, and many household cleaning mixes.  And, for the first time ever, all three of our kids had perfect attendance during the 2015-2016 school year.  I credit that to nipping illness in the bud with a wellness roll-on blend, diffusing, and treating with oils rather than running to the doctor for antibiotics.  I also think it’s helped to incorporate fruit and veggie smoothies into the kids’ diet as well as a good multivitamin.

If you are interested in learning more, you can check out the Young Living website.  If there is a particular oil you would like to try before becoming a full member, get in touch with me and I can hook you up.  Likewise, if you would like to enjoy additional savings by ordering a kit AND receive my favorite oil for FREE, as my gift to you, don’t forget to enter my enroller/sponsor number (#2694390) must be listed upon signing up. 🙂

If Young Living isn’t your jam, I’ve just recently received a few oils from Rocky Mountain Oils.  My personal opinion has not yet been formed on these oils, as I have yet to try them out after only receiving my order a couple days ago.  However, they are less expensive and also offer free (and fast) shipping.  Quality doesn’t seem to be sacrificed either, as far as I can tell from what I’ve read.  They were highly recommended by other YL users, whose blogs I read, as an alternative to YL.

Natural/Organic Products

If you are searching for natural/organic products for your home and body, My Natural is a wonderful site that compiles some great brands in one online shopping store.  The vitamins I get are actually cheaper through this site than through Amazon, as well as a body wash that Wal-Mart also carries.  They also offer free samples of select products.  Also, use the coupon RAF-65BL6 and save $10 on your first order (I save $10 too – win, win)!

*Note:  I do not receive any type of compensation for recommending these products.  I simply recommend what I personally love and use.*