Questions I Ponder

Questions I Ponderquestions

I’m a questioner by nature. I tend to ask a lot of questions in my attempt to gather as much information as possible – especially to problem-solve. As a child, I was the one always asking “why?” Is it any wonder, then, that I started a side-hustle working with spiritual creatives who need a problem solved or a brainstorming super-trooper? Lol!

Anywho, due to my quest for information, I’m often finding myself down rabbit holes, digging farther and farther – and, sometimes ending up not where I expected or learning something I didn’t anticipate. Friends have joked that I missed my calling as a detective. But they always know who to come to when there is research to be done.

In any case, in bouts of daydreaming and deep inner thought, below are some questions I have pondered; some based on current (and controversial) events, others are deep, and some outright make you ask: “who thinks about this stuff?” Umm…me. Ha!

In no particular order:

  • Why are children being separated from their parents a “non-partisan” issue but the aborting of babies is not?
  • I’ve also wondered why an eagle’s egg has more rights than an unborn child. I get it; abortion isn’t an easy topic. However, a child is a child, and a beating heart is a beating heart, right?
  • Why do we buy bottled water in a country where we have safe, tap drinking water (unless you live(d) in  Flint, MI) where, in other countries, they have access to neither?  Side Note: companies, including Aquafina and Dasani, simply treat tap water—the same stuff that comes out of your faucet at home—and bottle it up. Aug 11, 2014. Why not purchase a reusable bottle and filter your tap water? You’d be drinking the same damn thing & saving mother earth and money! I drink straight from the tap. But I also trust my water supplier. If I didn’t, I could take matters into my own hands and have my water tested at my expense.
  • Am I the only one noticing entitlement becoming more prevalent in youth today?
  • We live in a country where health and wellness is a 171+ billion (yes, BILLION WITH A “B”) dollar industry, while we’re more obese than ever and our mental health is declining. Why?
  • Why are more and more people seeking a “relationship” with a robot than with another human? My theory is this trend can be attributed to a decline in physical and mental well-being.
  • Why do parents believe this notion that paying their child(ren) to do the things they should already be expected to do is somehow teaching them about money? Really? Look at the rate of young adults living in their parents’ basements. What happened to the notion that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch?” As a society, we need to do better. Every interaction with a child is a teachable moment, even when they’re not your own. True Story Example: when an elementary-aged child opens the door for you – don’t give them a $1! Instead, express your appreciation for showing respect for their elders. Make it a teachable moment! My kids shared this story with me recently after they saw it happen. Also, not long ago, my son came home with a dollar from a senior citizen because he helped carry her groceries to her car. I asked him why he took it (because he knows better) and he said she insisted. We need to insist on instilling values in our youth, not monetary exchange for merely doing the kind and right thing. Kids need to learn what HUMANITY means.
  • Why can’t pharmaceutical companies be held accountable for price-gouging?
  • How much of what we buy comes from China – really? Answer: $147 BILLION worth of goods in 2017.
  • I wonder what it would be like to be a twin.
  • I wonder what those, who read my book, honestly thought about it.

I ponder lots of things. I’d say this is a short list. But maybe it got you thinking, too, a bit about what occupies your mind. You can gather your values, I also think, from the things you spend your time contemplating.

Tell me – what are questions you ponder?




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