Preparation is King

How are you preparing your heart and soul?

They say preparation is king.

nest - a preparation

Google quotes about preparation, and you’ll mostly get quotes referring to success, opportunity, and achievement.

What if we looked at preparation from a deeper level? I’m all about going deep, moving beyond the superficial and diving into the nitty-gritty of what matters. Because, if you’ve experienced any level of success in your life (whatever that looks like for you), one person is at the root of it – you. And hindsight is always a perfect teacher.

So, how do you prepare your heart and soul for all the riches this life has to offer, getting a leg up on hindsight? I don’t  necessarily mean monetary riches. I mean riches of love, spirituality, and lessons (like gifts) we receive from experiencing tragedy. Are you prepared to accept such things with grace, humility, and worthiness?

A Bird’s Nest: An Analogy for Heart & Soul Preparedness

What does a bird’s nest have to do with all this preparation talk? Everything. A bird’s nest is the perfect analogy for life.

As I write this, it’s blizzard-like conditions out my window. I won’t see a robin for another season. All the same, I am inspired by a robins tenacity for preparation when I look at the above image. It’s why I chose to save it for a future blog post…this blog post.

According to, it usually takes 2-6 days for a robin to build a nest. A robin (both male and female but mostly the female) collects about 350 dried fibers of grass and small twigs that are about 6 inches long. After a soaking rain, the robin gathers mud and travels to and from the nest several hundred times with beakfuls of mud.

Think about that for a moment. That’s all day for 2-6 days, in preparation for a nest full of eggs. They do this multiple times in the season, sometimes abandoning their great work only to start again elsewhere from scratch.

Isn’t God just amazing? Just as He prepares a woman’s womb to bear a child, He too has intuitively arranged all the many species in nature, to continue the cycle of life.

Have the wonderment of a child, sometimes, and you feel awe and incredibly small to the power He has.

As Advent season has started, I’ve reflected on all the wonderment around us. The importance of preparation of my heart and spirit; a calling within that begs the question: how are you preparing?

Preparation: less about outward gains and more about inward growth and spiritually thriving.

Just as it is essential to prepare for the riches of life, it’s equally important to be emotionally and spiritually strengthened for the hardships and tragedies of life as well. Even more importantly, the next experience after this earthly one.

Foolish souls prepare for someday – someday. Wise souls prepare every day – for tomorrow. – Victoria Volk

Take a moment to call into question where it is you’ve fallen asleep in preparation. I recognize today I’ve not been as diligent with journaling, praying, and reading inspirational spiritual works. However, although tomorrow is not guaranteed, I can hit the pillow this evening with the intention that tomorrow I will do better.

written with love by victoria

P.S. You may be wondering why this isn’t a Music Love Monday post. I’ve decided to forego the music series as it didn’t seem to be as popular as my other content. I will, however, share music I stumble upon that I feel can be soothing and healing to the soul, or that can help drive my message home.

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