My Personal Transformation: Part 3

I spent some time writing in my journal prior to this third post.  Click to read Part 1 and Part 2, if you haven’t yet done so.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure of the words I would say next.  So, in order to figure that out, I worked it out in writing.

If you’ve never journaled, it’s a tool that can have an enormous impact on your life.  Consider it your “soul sister” but instead of someone else sharing their views (which are really stories and truths they know to be true for themselves), the truth eventually finds its way from the source:  you – from within.

Be still every once in a while and you will find the answers you seek.  This is a valuable lesson I have learned.

I have always looked for others to help me make decisions because I am just indecisive and change my mind 50x and really – just felt unsure of myself.  I lacked the confidence to trust my own mind, heart and intuition.  Why?  Fear.

Fear is the driving force for so much in our lives.  We make decisions every single day out of fear.  Fear of what others might say, fear of what the outcome may be, fear that if I don’t do X than Y will happen.  It is a safety mechanism we are born with to protect ourselves.  What becomes entangled and woven within that fear though, are the beliefs/stories/truths we have been born into within our own families and life-experiences that shape those beliefs/stories/truths.

For me, this website is moving on to the other side of fear.  I can’t tell you how much anxiety and fear I had before making this website officially known and making these blog posts public and no longer private.  What will those, who are close to me, think?  Because honestly, few people knew my inner struggle.  What if I’m making a mistake doing this?  What will I do to generate income?  What if……what if….what if………

When I journaled I asked myself better questions.  What do I want my outcome to be? What is the worst that can happen?  What is the cost of not doing this?

The answers were clear as day and they flowed from my fingertips, to the pen and finally to the paper with ease.

Let go, move on and make it known.  So, this is my official announcement on my photography blog.

And I feel like a weight has been lifted.  I feel light, energized, inspired, and more open to possibilities that are beyond my wildest dreams.  I have goals of creating content for this website that hopefully helps people, if even just one person.  I have a dream of writing a book that has been on my heart for a very long time.

Will I sell my gear?  Some of it.  But honestly, opportunities have come to me where my gear is a necessity, as I am on staff with the Emmons County Record, which is exciting! But I also want to get back to my initial love – nature….God’s country;  a blessing to our eyes each day.  The bugs, the abandoned history of the prairie, nature’s wonders…..that’s where I initially fell in love with photography.  I plan to share that here, on this blog, because I feel those images inspire and bring a sense of gratitude.

I can just feel my body vibrating with energy as I type these words.

I could dwell on all the all-nighter’s, money (oh, the money) and sweat equity I put into building my business or I can be grateful for all the lessons it taught me, the joy it brought to my life and all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way.  Either way, the choice is mine to decide how I feel about it and what I think.  For me, it’s about fulfilling a deeper purpose in my life.

Letting go can equal freedom and potential beyond your imagination.

Here’s to the possibilities…….

what would you do if you weren't afraid

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