Mend the Brokenhearted

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”    – Psalm 147:3

Within the past several days, tragedy has struck close to home and afar. My husband’s family experienced a tragic loss. Days later, tragedy struck Las Vegas and the hearts of so many.

Hearts are heavy and broken and there’s plenty of sadness and tears to go around. Pain will linger for months to come, this is certain.

It’s difficult to put into words what is in my heart; for a mother and father who lost their son, and for all those who died at the hands of a mad-man in Las Vegas, and those who lost someone they love. Not to mention, the psychological wounds that will understandably leave scars on so many.

I often say to myself, when terrible things happen elsewhere in the world or in our country, I’m sure glad to live where I live – in the plains where winter seems to filter out most of the craziness. However, I can’t help but feel that we live in a time where anywhere you go, may become your worst nightmare. A time where you have to consider where you stand or sit because being nearest to an exit somehow makes you feel safer.

Out of curiosity, I Googled October 1st. I was somewhat blown away by a number of tragic events that have unfolded over time on that date. Coincidence? Perhaps. It peaks my interest all the same.

When I think about the chaos in the world, within our country, within, sometimes our own communities, or in homes filled with secrets; I can’t help but feel that there is a lot of self-hate in the world and how that is the real epidemic and truly, how it affects the children of our world daily.

An Analogy

I’m going to use what happened in Las Vegas as an analogy. Every day, children (yes, children – maybe even your own), are exposed to bullets of a different kind and right in the palm of their hands – in their phones.

Words are used as weapons to hurt, humiliate, destroy, and dim the spirit and light that is within that child. Children are treating other children this way. And there’s nowhere to hide, because once that humiliation is out in the world on social media – it’s out, likely saved by screenshot and redistributed or worse yet, shared among adults, sometimes even the children’s own parents. Emotional wounds can do just as much damage as physical wounds. Think about this analogy for a moment. A teenager today is dealing with a different kind of war zone.

I’m a parent. I’ve been in a war zone. I’ve gone through some shit in my life. But I still feel as though I’m floundering. I didn’t grow up this way. As hard as it is to be a parent today, I feel it’s even more difficult to be a teenager.


As a parent of a child just on the cusp of becoming a teenager, a part of me longs for the day where my only worry was his next diaper change or growth milestone. I’m silently terrified. Because no matter what I say or do, no matter how hard I try, no matter how well I think I’ve prepared him for life, it’s in God’s hands.

I wonder – does the worry ever end? I really try not to worry and give it to God. But man, when the world is chaotic, all you can do is hold tight for the ride and pray that you’ve instilled enough self-love and self-worth into your child to sustain them through all of the ups and downs of life.

Stop the Self-Hate

You’ll see hashtags like #stopthehate and see it said/written all over but maybe the sentiment needs to be #stoptheselfhate. Because people who love themselves love outwardly, too. How can that not be true?

No one is immune to becoming lost sheep and falling victim to temptation and sin. Even those with the best of intentions can lose their way. However, striving, every day, even in the smallest of ways, to seek peace and light within our own hearts, how can darkness prevail?

I pray for the brokenhearted, downtrodden souls in this world, country, communities, and even in our backyards, can find the light and love within themselves. When we allow our light to shine, it brightens those around us.

Be Someone Else’s Light

We feel sorrow because we love. We feel joy because we know pain. How beautiful that we know both because suddenly, love and joy become even more sweet to the soul and precious in our lives.

Be the nest for someone else’s broken heart. Be the compassionate soul for others who may need you. When you have an inspired thought to brighten someone’s day – act on it, in that moment.  Don’t assume someone else had the same thought or will do it. What if they don’t? I don’t do this enough myself. Act on the moments of inspiration that enable you to share your light, joy, and love. 

Chase the light and love within yourself and share it with others. Be that safe place for someone mending their broken heart.

That is one way to bring more peace and compassion to this world.

Maybe even the only way.




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