How To Deal with Frustrating People

When I come across something so good, where the message from lips to ears is stated in such a way that it causes pause and reflection – I gotta share it.

Don’t think you’re the frustrating one?  Do you overreact or lose your temper easily?

We’re all walking around with an invisible sign on our foreheads:  “Understand Me.”

Consider this video not only a reminder of your own human weakness but also a reminder that each person you meet is feeling the very same way or thinking the very same thing.

Hopefully, after watching this, your spirit is lightened and your heart is filled with compassion.  Read on after watching, where I share my personal takeaway from this great piece of wisdom.

My personal takeaway….

There was a time when I was often frustrated- in my (previous) photography business, with myself, and with my family members.  After I had (what I refer to as) my mid-life crisis, I became a person with an ego – just as Brendon Burchard described in the video.  I felt I had become so enlightened, I couldn’t help to shed “my light” on others.

In hindsight, I realize I had lost touch with humanity, just as Brendon described in his video. Thankfully, I have experienced highs and lows enough to understand and recognize that personal growth isn’t a destination you one day reach.  Rather, it’s an ongoing process of personal reflection, self-awareness, and mindfulness.

This video was just the reminder of reflection I needed and maybe you, too.  Don’t be so hard-nosed to think that you may not be the “frustrating” one in your communication (or lack, thereof) with others.  There is always room for improvement.  Always.  Even for the enlightened souls out there.

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