Fear or Love & Light – Which Do You Prefer?

fear love or light

I’ve stared at the blank screen several times over the past couple days, only to shut it down – unable to form the words.

My day typically starts around 6:30.  Lately, the first news I hear of is another shooting.  This seems to be a part of the routine in our lives, unfortunately.

I read something the other day written by someone in the yoga industry.  It’s still bothersome to me days later and I found the need to share my thoughts on this.

The yogi shared their point-of-view in colorful language, taking the stance:  “…why aren’t people in the health and wellness industry and other yogi’s using their popularity and platform to share their distaste rather than always speaking about light and love and what yoga pants they’re wearing?…”

Her words just struck me:  “I have a legit fear of a xenophobic, racist, bigoted, hate-spewing person stepping into office.”  And –  “Use your fucking white privilege for the greater good OUTSIDE of yourself.”

There were many great points, don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for using one’s platform and voice for the greater good.  But really?  The #lovealltheway hashtag doesn’t sit so well with me if the first paragraph is speaking of someone only known through mainstream media and not on a personal level.

I would also go as far as to say that one never knows what others do in the privacy of their hearts, especially since many choose to not share every detail of their lives on social media.  Just as one never knows the quiet compassion others give to their fellow neighbors and friends.

Use your voice.  Use your platform.  Express yourself and share your heart. I’m all for it.  But bringing up how shitty things are right now, spreading distaste against someone you do not even know on a personal level and telling others what you feel they should do because what they’re not doing is “wrong,” rubs me the wrong way.  This does not speak #lovealltheway to me.  It’s what a protest would look like on social media – rise up, speak your mind behind a screen, silence screams consent….blah, blah, blah – this does nothing but amplify and dwell on the hate, if you ask me.

I’m all for freedom of speech, otherwise, I wouldn’t be typing this right now or read the blogs of others I admire.

What I am not for, is someone behind a screen doing the very thing that will not bring change, when change is what they truly desire.

Change comes not from words written on a screen.  Change comes from acts of love, showing our neighbors compassion, putting your feet on the ground and actually doing something and showing thatone person can make a difference.

I think why it bothers me is this:  we do not know what others do.  To assume that a mass of people condone the way things are in our world today because they’re either silent regarding certain topics on social media or sharing a different message is a pretty self-righteous statement, in my opinion.

Life has been shitty for a lot of people all over the world for a very long time.  And I would add that if you live in the great U.S. of A., you’re already sitting pretty good. Even if you’re on the poverty line, there is someone in some other country that has it far worse – there always is.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

There was a saying that many (on their social media pedestal) seem to forget and that is:  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Fear paralyzes people.  Spreading our fear does not spread positivity – it does the complete opposite.

Was this post written out of fear?  I think so.  They used the word “fear” three times in the first paragraph.  But honestly, who can blame them?  I’ve read that post a dozen times and the more I read it, the more humane it feels.  Because we are humans with feelings, every one of us.

Rather than cling to fear though, what will bring the most change is clinging to hope and action.  And that’s where I think this yogi is missing the mark.  While others may be sharing the love and light messages, they’re choosing love and light, for themselves.  Those in the health and wellness industry focus on positivity, love, and light because they know that what you focus on expands.  Dwelling in pain, sorrow, and darkness only creates more of the same.  It’s why “misery loves company.”  So, their message is different because their intention is different.

Consider if this was a social experiment and there were two groups of people.  One group had to read positive, feel-good messages all day, and watch youtube videos on how “regular” people are bringing change to their communities.  While the other had to watch the news, read negative messages, and watch violent youtube videos.  Which group do you think would leave that experiment feeling inspired, as well as joyful and at peace?

I think I’ve made my point.  Just because people choose to spend they’re day absorbing the good things in life, putting little or no focus on everything that is or could go wrong is more about self-care and spreading positivity and less about an agenda.

We all know the truth.  There’s enough truth out there in front of us;  in broken homes, in homeless shelters, on the streets of Detroit or Chicago, in our own backyards, or even in our own hearts.

I just do my best, day by day, to not dwell on those things and cling to the hope that in the darkness, there will someday be light.  And I think many in this world are holding on to that same hope.

Pray for peace…..for our world, our communities, and within your own heart;  for a  peaceful heart cannot spread hate or despair.


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