Fads, Joy-Suckers and Ways to Get Back Your Joy


We all know opinions are like you know what!

Well, I also have one – don’t we all?  Sometimes, they’re better kept to ourselves.  I think we’ve all learned how sharing is not always caring – in terms of opinions.

Today though, I would like to share my thoughts on a topic that, I think, is an epidemic in our country and stealing youth from our children, molding moms into something their not, and really – just ultimately making a lot of people end up feeling shitty about themselves.  It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to see what’s going on.  Just tune in to the world around you and you’ll hear the chatter.  Read a few blogs….the diet/wellness industry is a booming businesses and we are the guinea pigs, my friends.

Go on Instagram and search #faddiet and there are nearly 3,000 posts on the subject.  However, if you look up #selflove, there are nearly 3,000,000 posts.  I find this so interesting, considering the state of our health in this country overall.  So, where is the disconnect?  If more people are truly on the self-love bandwagon, why do we still have so many issues in our culture with fad diets and body image?  Or, is there a “typical user” on Instagram (i.e. yogi’s, world travelers, artists, bohemians, self-proclaimed gypsies) and it’s simply there are more of this “type” of person using this social media?  On a side note, I’m a creative person who enjoys the arts, practices yoga and craves travel and I use Instagram.  lol!

Personally, I have looked more to the wellness industry side of health – probiotics, protein shakes, essential oils, yoga, meditation – things to incorporate into my life to enhance my already good health and boost my well-being.  And even that side of the industry bombards us with information and opinions.

Here are a few more Instagram search results – “protein shake” – nearly 550,000 posts, and if you’re into body building, (which seems to be all the craze with chicks nowadays) search “macros” and you’ll get over 1.5 million posts and see a whole lotta selfies (#selflove).

I think it’s great when people make “getting healthy” a passion of theirs.  However, I’m more interested in this idea that if wellness is such a hot trend, if people are looking to alternative diets to lose weight, or people are finally taking their health seriously….why are we still so sick and one of the most obese countries in the world?

Do we simply hear/read/see an opinion of some doctor and run with it?  Is it simply influence that causes a fad to take hold and spread?  I think of a lot of this stuff we experience in our lives is like a “one hit wonder.”  It’s good for a while but quickly loses its luster and we slowly dissolve the idea out of our lives and forget it  – until the next “one hit wonder” comes along, of course.

So, what are we to do?  WHAT is the answer?

Just as one can never find their own happiness in someone else, one will never find their happiness outwardly either – whether it be from food, drug, or anything of the sort.  The power to find our happiness has always and will always lie within ourselves.

Here’s my opinion – forget about all these fad diets, forget about counting macros (and I’ve seen women on Instagram who simply ditched doing this after quite some time because it became an obsession), ditch the FitBit for a month (I’ve done it and seriously – I’ve felt freedom and a whole lot less self-guilt).  Rather, consider incorporating things into your lifestyle that don’t take away from your happiness, but rather nurture and cultivate it.  Get rid of what is driving you bat-shit crazy.  Seriously.

Simplify – we know what is not nourishing to our bodies before we even put it in our mouths – we don’t need doctors to tell us that.  Take baby steps to eating more veggies.  By all means, have that mini chocolate with a glass of wine and savor the flavor.  Just home-cooking more is leaps and bounds in progress.  There is more processed food available now more than ever.  Simply home-cooking by planning ahead (and using my crock-pot regularly) has made me SO much less stressed and honestly feel better as a mom because I’m providing food created with love.

If we worked on our hearts and minds as much as we worked on our bodies – what a different world we would live in.  Surely, if we put as much energy into cultivating our own happiness, getting rid of what makes us feel guilty and miserable about ourselves, then surely everything related to your physical body will follow.

I think, as a society, we just have it all backwards.  Heal your heart and work on the thoughts that swirl in your mind and you will subconsciously change your physical body.  Body image is less of a physical problem and more of a mind problem, don’t you think?

The beauty of all this?  We live in a country where we get to choose.  And we have the Internet (full of opinions) and resources to guide us.  Ironic, isn’t it?

Let me close with this question:  Whose opinion is it that really matters?  I’ll help you with the answer – it’s the one you say about yourself.  It’s also the one your children hear loud and clear, if you’re a parent.

We raise and influence our future each and every day, by every thought, word, and deed.  Raise your joy bar and you will start to see every facet of your life around you follow in sync, in my opinion. 😉

You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage, but He was building a palace.” – C. S. Lewis

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