Dwelling on the Future

Dwelling on the Future

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There are three camps of people:

  • Those stuck in the past
  • The fortunate who’ve managed to live in the present moment on the regular
  • Those who dwell on the future.

In which camp do you find yourself?

I used to find myself in the camp stuck in the past. Today, I more often find myself in the present, however, overall, I’d say I dwell in the future.

Dwelling on the future; it doesn’t sound so bad, does it? It seems like it would be a good thing, right?

Maybe for some, but not for this cat. I definitely think it depends on your personality and tendencies.

I feel this sometimes overwhelming pressure on me to be something, do something, to leave a legacy – to fully live up to my potential.

This inner-dwelling desire, of course, causes me to look to the future. It’s always the next thing for me – when this or that happens, then I’ll have arrived. 

How do you not dwell on the future?

It’s currently what I’m working on myself: TRUST. 

Trust in the present and allow the future to unfold as it may.

Regardless of what you or I believe, we do not know the plan for us. We can take great care in planning and building; however, this moment, as I type, is the only moment you or I have right now. 

When the feelings of running out of time; your potential falling like the sands in an hourglass, keep in mind, life itself is a creative experiment. THEE best experiment you and I will ever partake. 

The future is a process happening in incremental moments every day – moment to moment. Trust the process. Enjoy the moments.

written with love by victoria


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Hi there! I'm Victoria: wife & mother of three with one pooch living in rural ND. I am a professional photographer turned writer, published author, and side-hustle entrepreneur. I firmly believe everything is "figureoutable," and if it doesn't challenge you - it doesn't change you.