Crosses We Bear

Crosses We Bear

crosses we bearWe do not know the crosses we’ll have to bear.

We do not know what our future holds or the lessons we are destined to share.

It is our free will that plays a role in all the twists and turns of life.

It is with enduring and leaning in that we learn to live and take flight.

So gather your brokenness, heartache, and tears. For your cross isn’t anything the one above cannot bear.

Give it all to Him, I wholeheartedly declare, and you will find a peace within that you never knew was there.

I had the inspiration to write this before falling asleep one night.  Giving our fears, heartache, worry, and weakness to the one above provides us the strength we need to carry on. As hard as it may be.

During the process of writing my book (and life, for that matter), I had to do this several times. So much was going on simultaneously (briefly shared in this post) that, hadn’t I done this, I would’ve been a complete basket-case.

Which brings me to my book and the lessons I share how I’ve learned to “Let go and Let God.” I am so excited to share what I’ve learned and to celebrate, I’m giving away TWO signed copies of my book! If you or someone you know could use tools, resources, and tips on how to overcome grief, please share this giveaway with them! The giveaway ends 10/31 at 12:00 CST! Enter below! 😀

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