Choosing Spirit over Wounds

Quite the thought-provoking quote, isn’t it?

I imagine we all would choose to be led by our spirit.

My book has been written.  And yet, I find myself resisting putting it out into the world. If I thought the act of writing the book itself challenging, sharing it has created the most resistance!

I am proud of what I created and feel it could help someone out there – if even one person.

Yet, here I sit; being led by my wound and not my spirit.

As I worked on my book, I was also creating a side business where my goal is to do what I do best – brainstorming solutions.  My approach is a little different from long-term coaching/consulting solutions.  Rather, in one call (after some client prep-work and research), my goal is to help creative entrepreneurs move past the sticking points in their businesses (which, oftentimes, are a reflection of their lives – I simply help connect the dots).

The book? Ready to launch. The website? I finally chose a launch date of September 15th.  But, the book – it’s so. much. harder. to commit to a date.  It’s been a stressful process, to say the least, and I want to give it the best shot possible.  So, I will have to put what I preach to practice and just have two seconds of courage and go for it and let the chips fall as they may.

Being led by your wound?  Only creates more resistance and pain-points.  So, here’s to me committing to be led by my spirit.

Officially, my book will launch on September 15th because why not choose one launch day and only totally stress out one day this month and not two, right?  And I just picked that date as I typed this – at 7:41 am on September 6th.

EEEKK! It is done.

What will you do today to be led by your spirit and not your wound?

About Victoria

Hi there! I'm Victoria: wife & mother of three with one pooch living in rural ND. I am a professional photographer turned writer, published author, and side-hustle entrepreneur. I firmly believe everything is "figureoutable," and if it doesn't challenge you - it doesn't change you.