Be Brave to Love

Be Brave to Love

be brave to love

We all have an abundance of love available to us – to give and to receive. If only we’d have the courage to let more of it in and out and be bravely vulnerable to it.

I love this quote by John McCain, mentioned by his co-author, Mark Salter, in an interview on CBS Sunday Morning regarding his and McCain’s latest book, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations. This quote is perfection.

It’s his final hoorah, it seems, as his brain cancer prognosis is not very good. I think a certain clarity only comes when you’re faced with your mortality head-on. A perspective of someone at this stage of life can be a sobering one for those of us who believe we have many, many more years to walk this earthly life.

What can we learn from McCain’s message?

Be brave to love, regardless of political views, ethnicity, economic status, or religious beliefs (and then some). McCain had friends on both sides of the aisle and had respect for others regardless of their beliefs.

I think, in this day-in-age, society could stand to have more of McCain’s character. Don’t ya think?

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