A tool to create a to-do list with soul

create a to-do list with soul

What do you put on your to-do list?

The inspiration for this blog post came to me during a conversation I had recently with my life coach turned friend, Angela.

We have deep conversations, she and I.  And she’s one of the few people who, I feel, I could say practically anything to and not feel judged.  We share in each other’s struggles and wins and honestly, it is on my bucket list to meet her one day.  Meeting her would be an awesome reason to get a passport. 🙂

Anyway, I digress.  I was telling her about a new planner I recently started using – this one…..right ——-> here.  There are several options but I opted for the weekly version (which I don’t regret, by the way).

I’m a bit of an office supply junkie.  I get giddy like a school girl when I walk into Staples.  lol!  So, I’ve tried many-a-planners;  the year-at-a-time ones you buy in the stores as well as the create-your-own type (wasting a TON of money printing at UPS) geared specifically to photographers/entrepreneurs that I just couldn’t stick to.

Put YOU on your next “to-do list with soul.”

What I like about this one is it forces you to really think about how you want to feel and jot things on your to-do list that make you feel…..how you want to feel.  In short, it’s all about feelings.  And you know that feelings and thoughts go hand-in-hand and your actions can change both, right?  In a funk?  Jam out to some music and then re-evaluate how you feel.  I think you get the point.

The Desire Map Planner is a mix of being a journal with “soul prompts” – questions that make you dig a little deeper into your heart and mind, along with space to reflect, as well as to write that for which you are grateful.

Since starting to use this planner, I’ve moved up another level (3 of 10) on the guitar, I’ve journaled more regularly, I’ve given more time to exercise – meeting my goals for the week for miles walked/ran on the treadmill in addition to the Jillian program I’ve been doing the past five weeks.  I’ve also started a regular meditating practice, which, if you’ve never tried it – you feel so refreshed afterwards.  Science backs it up….it’s worth a try, folks.

I’m not mentioning the above details to brag or to toot my own horn.  I mentioned these things to share how taking a look at how I wanted to feel in my day has impacted my own well-being.  Not only am I my accomplishing personal goals, but I’ve also become more productive in other areas of my life.  At the start of the week, you jot down 3 things to get done that week…and only 3.  Then, each day you break it down in order to get those things done.  With a sprinkle here and there of the things that bring you joy.

Of course I have work-related obligations, as well as things related to our kids and home (like preparing my taxes – oy vey).  But I  think I have finally found a planner that is more than just another planner.  It’s a tool for you to design your life just how you will it to be.  Notice how I didn’t say “wish it to be?”  We choose to put ourselves on the back-burner and no one wins as a result.  Taking care of your own well-being isn’t selfish, it’s loving yourself enough to take care of you.

So, before you think up all kinds of excuses as to how you don’t have time to learn a new language, take a painting class, take up yoga, or volunteer in your community, then you haven’t made you a priority.

Believe me – when you finally put you on your to-do list – everyone wins.  Because self-love is like a boomerang;   what you feel and express comes back to you ten-fold.

P.S.  Although Danielle LaPorte offers an affiliate program, I haven’t signed up and I receive zero commission from those of you who decide to purchase this planner.  I just love it so much, I had to share it.



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