A Google Search for Hope

One has to nearly stay in bed in order to evade the negativity all around us today. You can’t turn on the news, go on the internet, pick up the phone, or even go out and about in our own communities without being exposed to negativity.  I’ve been reduced to actually going to Google to find good news.  Sheesh!

I personally have been guilty of falling into the negativity trap, as we all do from time to time. Feeling a bit gloomy as I write this, which, coincidentally is the weather as well, I went online to Bing and put in the search box “feel-good news.”

The top hits were rather old (2013 and older), however, I did find a title for a story on Huffington’s post sight that peaked my interest: Boy Mows Lawns to Buy Gravestone for Father He Never Met. Turns out, the boy is from my home state – Fargo, ND. What a wonderful story of a boy with a huge heart of compassion and quite wise for his age!

I put the same phrase in Google’s search engine and did have better luck finding more current, positive news stories. I came across a website actually dedicated to positive news called Good News Network. They also have an app, which I have downloaded and recommend, if you too, are looking for a daily dose of inspiration or want to feel more uplifted/positive.

One story that stuck out to me was about a 92-year-old woman’s reaction to hearing Willy Nelson sing a song she wrote.  She had written music most of her life.  I cannot imagine waiting all those years to hear your own written words being sung and by none other than Willie Nelson.  How amazing that must’ve felt for her.  Watch her video on that link and her reaction says it all.

Reading these stories really did make me feel good – happy for the woman whose song was sung and inspired by the boy with a heart full with nothing but love.

It is impossible to be down and out or be in a negative state when you are grateful, uplifted, inspired, and full of feel-good emotions.

In a time where feel-good news is far, wide, and in-between, I’m thankful to have come across The Good News app to start  out my day.

What do you do when you’re surrounded by negativity at every turn?

Turn off (social media, news, gossip) and tune in to the good around us, for that is where hope is found and just maybe, the world isn’t going to hell in a hand-basket – completely.

Perhaps, if you raise your vibration of emotion, in turn, it is risen all around you?

Maybe it’s just my child-like hope that if we all search for and demand more good in our own lives, we then contribute to the emotional vibe of the world and raise it….little by little.

Sending out love and positive vibes to you.  Thank you for reading.


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